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I'm LucidCam, who found out about 180 degrees Cam.  답글달기
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Suwon rose 

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I'm LucidCam, who found out about the 2nd and 3D cameras. 
It's 180 degrees 3D shooting.. I think we're still in a startup campaign. 

It's very compact.. I don't think the price will be that expensive either. 
As you know, there are not many cameras that can shoot in 2D and 3D.. Even if it comes out, it's very expensive. 
I hope many products like this will come out..

I think a 180-degree camera is better because the 360-degree camera also shows the face of a person who carries it.. 
I think this is just a 2K 180 degree 3D function.. I'll give you a rough explanation.. 

I received a sample video and watched it on VoR's VR app.. It's not bad.. 
Get it with the 4kvideod downloader and enjoy it..



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