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Suwon rose 

0 /  view. 207 / date. 2023-03-29

When I happened to see UCVR, the lens diameter was large and it was unusual to be able to see it by replacing it with three, so I bought it on behalf of overseas direct purchase.
First of all, the size I received is small..(It's like the Sotaekmagyeong.)
Storm and BOBOVR are big.. This one is compact and a little cheap. But it's very light..
Lenses are really big, so if you put your phone in, the angle of view is amazing...
You can change it to 0-350 degrees, 350-550 degrees, 550-800 degrees.. The 0-350 degree magnification lens comes out about 3 storm maser.
The difference is aspherical lenses that do not blur the edges or overlap in color seen in storm mazas or other high magnification lenses..
It bothers me that the light is reflected from time to time.. Putting on a cell phone fits all large-sized phones as shown in the picture.(It's convenient because you can put it in without removing the case.) I think it's okay if you take out the stiff ones when you put it in.. You can heat up the case and it doesn't fall off even if you just look at it..

The downside is... This is because the disadvantage is large enough to cover up the advantages.. I don't think I can use it.. (To the person with glasses)
Adjusting the left-right eye gap, no back-and-forth focus... I can't see it because it's sprinkled. I barely looked at the 0-350 degree lens..
I don't think I can see the rest.. Just go straight to the museum of my life...
It would be okay if you paid a little attention, but why did they make it like this?? 

The total cost was 60,000 won..  

PS: Oculus, until the vibes.. I hate the way I'm moving around the outskirts like this...

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