23/03/28 Lunch South Moon Sundae Gopchang Plate  답글달기
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Suwon Jidong Market Jidong Sundae Town's original mother.

Based on 23/03/28

Second and fourth Wednesday off Monday~Sunday : 10:30~22:00

The price of the sundae gopchang plate is 11,000 won per person.
If someone who cares about hygiene is going to be  Gal I don't recommend if it's going to be  I don't recommend it.

I visited after lunch at 3 p.m., but people were crowded.
If you go, you can get a bottle of glass-filled soda for free.
It's less burdensome because you don't have to order according to the number of people. Good, good, good
If I say, "Give me a little more tripe than sundae", they will adjust that, too.

I went to three people and ordered 2 servings and ordered one fried rice (2,000 won). The seasoning was just right and it was delicious.

I think it's worth visiting.

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