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Opening of pimax 4K  답글달기
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Suwon rose 

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The Pimax 4k I've been waiting for has arrived..
I can't connect to the office computer because it's outdated (two DVI only).. I'm going to upload the cut that was released right after I received it.

The boxing looks like this..

When I opened the box, I found a guidebook and two boxes.

The main body is covered with a sponge..

Ta-da...^^ The main body is coming out.. It's neatly arranged.. (Wet remover? You're meticulous..)

There's a set of black envelopes that have been sealed and installation instructions...

I'm opening it up. Whirling... It's beautiful..

Operation button up/down/back (?) - We'll find out when we run it, right?

Facial sponge is thick.. The feeling of using it lightly is light.
If you feel the weight of the type of dive you've used so far (it's a personal feeling)

VIVE > PSVR > Oculus > PIMAX   (Left is in heavy order) 

Phone type
Wild horses 3 = Bobo Z4 > Gear VR > Wild horses 2 > Swamp horses > UCVR   This is it.

Lens protective cap is covered.

케이블은 HDMI / USB 케이블로 구성..

When I took off the lens cover, the lens looked brilliant.. The view looks big. It's definitely bigger than the pythons..

When I took off the face protection sponge slightly, it was made of Velcro and easy to remove...
The sponge is thick, so I think we can test the focus problem if we make some modifications with sleeping pads or something else..
If you remove the face shield, it will be closer to your eyes and improve your viewing angle.. Anyway, I want to go home quickly ㅜㅜ

이것은 해드폰.. It looks a little cheap... I'm going to use good earphones, so I don't think it's necessary...

It depends on each of these types.. Are there 2 holes?

Anyway, I'm happy to receive it quickly.. I'll try.. Even if I'm disappointed, I'm going to spend it thinking that I lost my money..
What I'm really looking forward to these days is PSVR, not Oculus or Vibe.. I think PS4 PRO is a must... 
I think I'll buy PSVR first.. 

The PC I have now is low specification.. I don't usually play games and I'm only interested in videos..

Demo coming out of Oculus.. 
3D 360 video.. 
3D movie..
Roller coaster experience light.. I like this kind of style. Watch the video on PIMAX.. 
If you want to play games, just PSVR.. If you have more money, upgrade your VIVE and computer.. Graphic cards are so expensive ㅜ)) I want to do it..

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