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Suwon rose 

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Product Name: Laptop External Graphics Card Docking Station TH3P4 Mini GPU Dock Graphics Card Extension External Thunderbolt 34 PD60W 40Gp

I bought an external graphics card from my laptop with Thunderbolt. First of all, I tested the graphics card with GTX 3070 and GTX 3080Ti.
The laptop was LGgram. LGGram is specifically used for graphics, so I tested it.

I bought the main body at 235,900 won on Coupang, and if you go to Ali, you can buy it a little cheaper. I wanted to do it in a hurry, so I bought it from Coupang.
I purchased and tested an additional 650W of the Great Wall E650 CP FROZEN 80PLUS Modular Power Supply 650W.

At first, I installed a Thunderbolt-enabled pci card on a regular PC to see if I could use this external dockstation. 
Use SUNIX UPD2018-B USB 3.1 Gen expansion card...

This is a failure! I think this card just serves to distribute the DP port of the graphic card to the Thunderbolt-enabled monitor.
There are other cards worth 200,000 won, but I quit because I didn't know if the external graphics of Thunderbolt I wanted could be used.

I tried using the Thunderbolt port on my LG Gram laptop. There was some trial and error, but it went well.
First of all, I didn't catch the GTX3080Ti in the beginning, but when I deactivated the laptop monitor and held it again, I caught it properly. 


The monitor connects an external 4k monitor

As a result of testing, I found only 60-70% of my performance probably because my laptop performance was not good.
I think the laptop will probably be more than 80% if it fits the graphics performance.

I played a game on Steam with a guitar VR connection. As expected, this also works like that.
It looks okay to use when there is a VR demonstration outside.

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