Partner's Guide


1.「」is a Sharing Platform where anyone can register as a massage(skin care, tattoo&wax) therapist

2.「Partner」and 「Staff」
Partner(=manager)is a shop operator who can register staff(= therapists) and manage the reservation schedule of all the therapists.
Staff(=therapist)can manage his/her own schedule, working time and working area. The ID of the therapist is granted by the partner.

※ Partner must register at least one therapist. Partner can register her/himself as only one staff.

3. Home service, Shop service

Home service : Therapist visits the customer's location (home or hotel, etc.) to provide service.
Shop service : Customers visit the shop and receive service.
※ Those who operate an actual massage shop, hair shop, tattoo shop, hair beauty shop, and waxing shop can use both Home service , and Shop service.

4. About usage fee and payment

「」 system is basically a free service provided to partners.
Using the 'Glosens payment system' : If a partner uses credit card payment or fintech payment (wechat Pay, Line Pay, etc.) for partial or full payment, additional handling fee will be charged. However, it is free for customers to pay directly to the partner's bank account (including Gcash and PayMaya) is free.
When partners use the 'Glosens partial payment system', 10-20% of the total amount is paid in advance by the customer at the time of reservation, and the rest will be received by the therapist by cash.

5. Settlement

If there is a service charge payment, the Partner can check the settlement amount on 'My Page' menu.
Partners can request to withdraw the settlement amount that occurred this week on the following friday.
A withdrawal request can only be made through a bank, Gcash, PayMaya, or PayPal under the partner's name. Remittance fees are deducted.

6. About search algorithms : increase visibility in search results.

Depending on the customer's evaluation results and therapist information, it may result in top search visibility, visibility restrictions, or erase your account.
- For example, cupping massage (ventosa), body scrub, Vietnamese massage, etc., which require more skill than general dry or oil massage, are preferred in search visibility.
The therapist's information must be accurate, and the therapist must upload an actual photo.
A better search algorithm is applied if the therapist has faithfully uploaded work-related data on the therapist's personal page.


How too be New Partner

1. To make a partner's account

1-1. Tap the person-shaped icon at the top page.

1-2. Check Partner, then click Create account

1-3. Check at Business Member and enter your ID, e-mail address.

1-4. When click OK button, we'll send the a verification code to your e-mail.

1-5. Open the email and tab the verification area 「Account here」.
※ Once account is created, Partner's Admin ID and Homepage user ID can be used in common.

1-6. To verify the membership, please click "OK" button.

1-7. Enter your password, name and phone number to finalize your membership process.

2. Activity approval needed

To act as a new partner, you must fill out the form and apply at or submit an application form at 【Apply Here】↗.

The following must be included. Please understand that processing is not possible without detailed explanation.

▲ Applicant name:
▲ Phone number:
▲ Email address:
▲ Service selection: massage, skin & care, tattoo & wax ?
▲ Detailed service details:
▲ Location and address to be opened:
▲ Introduction of the therapist (step name, step photo attached / available service types):
※ If you are a single staff(therapist), you can upload a photo of yourself.

3. Partner Admin

Partners page :


Members : Staff management, new staff registration, partner profile change, and confirmation of each staff's reservation.

* Partner : A partner can register multiple therapists as staff in【 Add the Staff 】.
※ If you are the only therapist, you must register yourself as a Staff.

* Therapist ID : Each staff is given an ID in the form of s1-1, s2-2 ..., and each Staff can access their ID to check their own reservation status. The therapist schedule is managed by a partner.

Schedule : Partner adjusts the detailed order status of all staff schedules.

* Partner : Partner can check the monthly/weekly/daily status.
* Partner can check the reservation details for each staff member.

- Partner must do a process【 complete 】 the order for which payment is confirmed or order re-confirmed without payment. Then a notification is displayed on the staff's reservation status.
- Staff can only check their reservations that have been confirmed while logged in with their ID.

Order list : Adjustment of reservation details and sales status of all staff. Chat with customer and chat for re-confirm.


※ Reservations without prior payment will be confirmed through reconfirmation. Re-confirm can be done in several ways.
- A chat request from a customer arrives via e-mail to activate the chat, or
- Activated by the partner manager by clicking the 【 Send chat request mail 】 button in the order list.
- Alternatively, the manager may call or e-mail directly to the customer's contact information indicated on the order-receipt to confirm whether the order has been reconfirmed.

※ For orders that have been reconfirmed, the progress status must be changed to【 Complete 】 in Schedule status to be activated in the Staff schedule calendar.

Partner items edit : Partner can manage their own products or the products of staff, and register products.

※ When registering a product with 【 New goods edit 】, you need to check Booking for selling pre-determined time services, On the other hand, if the customer need to set the time and scope later, such as design changes, please check the Item to register it.

Example 1) Tattoo, small size, 1 hour unit booking case → After checking Booking, proceed with registration.
Example 2) Tattoo, design S~L size, respond design changes → After checking item, proceed with registration.