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Privacy Policy

    In Accordance to “Personal Information Protection Act” of Taiwan and EU GDPR or Personal Data of (Privacy) Ordinance of KOREA or Personal Data Protection Act(PDPA) of SG or other related legal regulations in each country, Glosens is committed to protecting privacy of your personal data with utmost sincerity. Glosens will inform you regarding the purpose of collecting and the range for using of your personal information which is collected when you sign up to be Glosens’s member to buy our tour packages or other goods on Glosens website and APP. As a consumer, you will be provided full knowledge on the purpose of each personal information collected as you sign up to be a Glosens member. Doing so will allow you to purchase our tour packages and other goods on the Glosens website and application. Glosens expects you to understand your related rights so as to feel comfortable to use all related Internet services provided by Glosens. Glosens will uphold your rights as a consumer to ensure your confidence in using all internet-related services provided by

    In order to fully provide our service to you, we will be collecting your personal information through the following methods. It may be done through certain parts of Glosens website (when registering or while using the function of “Message” of Glosens website), Glosens APP, or Glosens Service Center (via E-mail or telephone). You will be asked to provide personal identification information which includes but will not limited to following categories. Doing so, to grant you access to certain parts of the website and application, allowing you to make use of the services Glosens provides:

    (1) Sign up to be a Glosens member
    (2) Purchase tour package or tickets, sim cards, WiFi router rental
    (3) Provide your personal information and contact methods for Glosens or suppliers to prepare or prearrange tour packages or other goods
    (4) Using the Glosens member’s exclusive interaction service
    (5) Receive newest Glosens’s recommendation, promotion information or other EDM

    Glosens will collect your personal information for specific purposes, which you may see below:

    【Sign up process】your name、your nationality、your resident、your phone number、your contact E-mail.
    【Booking process】your credit card number (Cardholder name、Credit card number、Expiration date、CVC/CVV)、your information of other on-line payment methods (Android Pay or LINE Pay). Sometimes you will have to provide us your name on your passport as well as passport number after booking tour packages There will be instances wherein you will have to provide us your name as displayed in your passport, as well as your passport number, depending on the needs of each product. You will have to provide us your resident address if you choose to book goods which you hope we deliver to you.

    If you didn’t provide us complete information or if you provide wrong information to Glosens, Glosens may not be able to prepare/prearrange or deliver goods (SIMCards、WiFi Router、Tickets and Passes) to you. As a consumer, you are responsible in providing complete and accurate information as requested by Glosens. Inability to do so may lead to errors in your order, which may lead to lost packages or canceled tours. The customers’ personal information gathered by Glosens will be used for the sole purpose of providing our service in the best of our abilities. It will be utilized in order to improve our services, and to provide a more personalized customer experience.

    Glosens may have to provide your information to our subsidiaries or our Glosens’s suppliers or Credit Card Associations and banks. Without your prior consent, Glosens promises that Glosens won’t use your personal information in the purpose which is not related to your booking. Glosens won’t provide your personal information to any third party expect Glosens and related services providers. As a service, Glosens may disclose your information to our subsidiaries, and/or our suppliers, and/or credit card associations, and/or banks. Without your prior consent, Glosens will not make use of your personal information in a purpose which is not related to your order. Glosens will not disclose your personal information to any third party except for the related services providers.

    After providing your personal information above, if you want to change your information, you can sign up to our system to revise or update your information. If you hope that Glosens revise or amend or delete your personal information, please contact us and provide your opinion to our customer service center:

    E-mail of our service center:
    contact phone: +82 70 4300 6110
    KAKAO ID: bizsense

    After receiving your opinion, Glosens will deliver your requestment and opinion to our IT department immediately. We will inform you processing status and results instantly.

    Glosens may gather your IP address to identify your location when you are browsing Glosens website. Glosens may also gather “Cookies”, a small piece of data sent from the website and stored on the user's computer which tracks the users browsing activity within the Glosens website. Glosens may use “Cookies” to record the user's browsing activity (including but not limited to - the links selected, the period of use, and a record of the pages visited in the past). Glosens may use your IP address records and data collected by cookies or other browsing-related behavior to record and analyze the users’ preference, or to develop business and marketing strategies done to improve or maintain quality of service or introduce packages or goods to you. When Glosens analyzes the user’s data and browsing behavior collected, Glosens guarantees that it will only be used to predict business trends and acquire the users’ habit and preference. Glosens will not use the data and information gathered to identify or jeopardize the privacy of the customer.

    The personal information shared to Glosens will be kept until it is no longer needed or up until the period stipulated by law. You have the right to revise, delete, view, supply, and apply for a portable copy of your personal information under the specific provisions of the “Personal Information Protection Act” or EU GDPR or Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) of KOREA or Personal Data Protection Act(PDPA) of SG. There will be circumstances wherein Glosens may provide your information to a third party or government units. These circumstances include the following:

    (a).An ordered legal requirement from government units or judicial institutions.
    (b).If it can be used to protect one’s personal safety according to Glosens’s rational judgment.
    (c).If the information collected by Glosens may be related to illegal activities or violations affecting the public’s interest and good customs.

    The privacy policy will only be applicable within the domain of Glosens will not be liable to links within the website directing to other domains. We highly recommend you to view the privacy policies of other websites for your reference. We will not be able to assure the security of your personal information if shared in other domains outside

    Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed by the laws of the Republic of Korea, and shall be resolved by Korea District Court which serves as the court of first instance.

    Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this website (KOREA Version) shall be governed and construed by the laws of KOREA.

    Please contact us if you have any questions regarding Glosens’s Privacy Policy via Glosens’s Customer Service Center “e-mail:”. Glosens will answer your request and reply you immediately.