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Traveler's guide

「」 is a sharing site to help you meet various needs during your trip to Cebu.. All operators are cebu savvy hosts, registered through rigorous screening and maintained through customer evaluation.

    Living Cebu

    Rent homes in Cebu, Mactan, Bohol. If you are looking for a long-term home of more than three weeks, we recommend that you contact us at least two months in advance. It may be difficult to find a house with good conditions if you ask for it near the departure date.

    Bookings are only accepted by credit card, and no guarantee is given to customers who pay cash directly at home without a reservation.
    If canceled up to 30 days before date of check-in, 100% refund will be made. Thereafter, 50% will be refunded until 12:00 on the day of check-in.
    If you cancel during your stay, 50% of the remaining stay will be refunded.
    If you would like to arrange accommodation problems, please contact or call our customer service center. You can also rate it by leaving a review.

    Theme Trip

    You can enjoy only the core part of the existing guided tour package, or enjoy Cebu trips with the unique theme of the travel host. You can rent a banca boat to freely explore the small islands you want, or experience the mango's bar with guided by a local guide.


    Enjoy Cebu

    Live for a month in Cebu, choose an intensive English course and experience fruitful self-development such as cheap golf practice, scuba diving license and special instrument practice.


    Items(Provide various services)

    We provide a variety of convenient life for long term customers.

    We can meet a variety of needs, from extending your VISA to finding a housekeeper, an English teacher, or a rental car or driver.
    If you have any additional needs, please contact the administrator ( We will connect you with a local professional host to resolve any inconvenience.

    The host of the vendor decides on credit, debit card, escrow payment, PayPal payment and cash payment.
    PayPal payment is available in Korean Won. We accept payment amount by email and support credit, debit card settlement system. Non-members can pay by regular card.
    When paying with a JCB card, dollars in the local currency are converted to the yen base rate instead of the base rate conversion rate.

Supplier guide

「itscebu」is a sharing site where you can buy and sell, free travel guide recommendations and various services for cebu travelers.

      【 Membership 】

    All members can use bulletin board "member marketplace, public information" of Board.

    To use 「itscebu」 escrow when registering your product, choose between credit and debit cards (including PayPal) and cash payments, and register your account at the same time. If not checked, you can trade directly or face to face.

    You can use the Philippines account / Korea account / Japan account / PayPal / Payoneer.
    Your PayPal payment also accepts Korean Won cards. Non-Paypal members can also pay by card, and can request a card payment for any amount they wish.
    「Itssebu」 Escrow payments will be credited to the registered account after the transaction is completed or two weeks after the payment date.

    In the Marketplace, you can sell your personal items and promote your business. If you want to activate your company's promotion more, you can apply for the "Professional Member" below.
      【 Professional Member 】
    If you want to register as a 'special member' in the main menu Living Cebu, Theme Trip, Enjoy Cebu, and Items, please register directly to the menu item. If there is no abnormality after simple examination, we will register immediately. Registration is free.

    「Professional Member」 should be able to provide continuous and professional service. Only one item can be registered in the Market on the Board.
    Depending on the supplier host's decision, direct transaction or payment by 「ItsCebu」 Escrow (including credit card, PayPal / bank account in three countries) is determined.
      ㄴAccounts eligible for payment when you choose Ask: Philippine Bank Account, Bank of Korea, Bank of Japan, PayPal, Payoneer
    PayPal payments can be made in Korean Won, and non-member general card payments are also available. In addition, we accept credit and debit card payments by receiving the payment amount by e-mail.
    When you pay with a JCB card, the dollar in your local currency is converted to the Japan(YEN) base rate instead of USD.

    Living Cebu-Houses for Rent in Cebu, Mactan, Bohol

    In order to make a house reservation, contact information is required, and at least one of LINE, KakaoTalk, email and phone number must be registered.
    Payment is only accepted by credit card escrow, notifying the customer that no guarantee is given to the customer when cash payments are made directly to the house, and no assistance is provided to the customer.
    For rental cars / theme tours / Cebu trips, we recommend adding various services (car rental, maid service, etc.).
    If canceled up to 30 days before date of check-in, a 100% refund will be given, and there will be a 50% refund until 12:00 on the day of check-in.
    In case of cancellation, 50% of the remaining stay fee will be refunded.
    Due to the supplier's circumstances, cancellation is subject to a principle penalty ($ 50 per case) and may be unregistered if more than three times a year. However, in the case of natural disasters or unavoidable circumstances (such as household damages), the penalty may be waived by calling the "cebu manager".

    Theme Trip - You can suggest a cebu trip with your own theme.

    Taking photos together or guiding mango's Bar can be a great themed host. If you need accommodation or need hopping bangka, please contact another supplier. We will help you to do business with good condition.

    Enjoy Cebu - Suggest a program that suits your purpose for one month: English intensive courses, scuba diving licenses, golf courses.

    We recommend combining long term stays or your own accommodation in Cebu.

    Items (various services) - Long-term customers will have a variety of services.

    We encourage you to meet a variety of needs, including extending VISA, maid, getting an English tutor tutor, and renting a car or driver.

    If you manage a large number of people, such as housekeeper services or home massage services, you can register multiple people with one account. In this case, only the contact information (telephone, katok ID, etc.) of the professional supplier is exposed to the customer.
    The Load Sim service is a product that pays immediately, so if you request a payment, only those companies that can claim it immediately will be approved for registration.(Emergency Contact: KAKAO, LINE ID Required)
    For currency exchange service, only company introduction and contact number are registered without reservation function. Principle business operators are only allowed. Otherwise, please register with Market Promotion Board.
    PayPal User Guide: You can pay by credit or debit card even if you are not a PayPal member. For more information on how to pay please see here.