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  • 복층(Loft type)콘도 10F #CLUB ULTIMA #Mango Sq

  • RM. 1010

  • This house is located in the center of Cebu City, near the Mango Square , 2.4km from Ayala Mall, and 1.8 km from Colon Street, linked to Crown Regency Hotel & Tower.
  • 복층(Loft type)콘도 10F #CLUB ULTIMA #Mango Sq

Hotel Information

  • Size : 88평
  • Guests : Min 1 ~ Max 8
  • Bedrooms : 1 / Number of beds : 1 / Bathroom : 2


    Essential items(towels, bed linen, soap, toilet paper, pillows) / kitchen(Space where guest can cook) / air conditioner / heating(Central heating or heater inside the hostel) / hairdry / hanger / iron / washer(Paid or free in the building) / dryer(Paid or free in the building) / Warm water / TV / Indoor fireplace / A guest door(Separate entrance or building entrance) / shampoo / bedcloth / Extra pillows and blankets / Wireless Internet / Ethernet Connection support / Pocket wifi / Laptop workspace(Desk or table where you can put your laptop, chair to work comfortably)

Additional amenities

    Basic cooking tools(Pot, skillet, oil, salt, pepper) / Microwave / Coffemaker / Refrigerator / Dishwasher / Dishes / Oven / Gas range

Building facilities

    No charge Parking / Road parking(No charge) / Outside parking(Paid Parking) / Paid Parking in Building / EV charging facility / fitness center (Free, in or around the building) / pool (Private or public) / Jacuzzi Bathtub / A single-storey house(There are no stairs in the property)

Special service

    breakfast (Breakfast provided) / Seabathing necessities (Beach towel, umbrella, beach blanket, snorkeling equipment)

Outdoor space

    Grill / Patio or balcony / Garden or backyard

Accommodation detail

    Luggage storage (Service for early check-in or late check-out) / Long stay is possible (Stay more than 28 days) / Clean before check out

Safety facilities

    Fire extinguisher / Carbon monoxide detector / Fire detector / first aid box


    Near the beach / Near a lake or river
    Distance to the airport   Km
    Adjacent to the city center   Km
    Public transport  

Local information

  • ▶수영장은 9층에 있으며(6세이하 무료 / 7-12세 100PHP / 13세이상 150),  연결된 Crown Regency 호텔구역에는 아이용 놀이터(children's play ground-150PHP per hour) 당구대, 체육시설 등이 있습니다.
    ▶걸어서 3분거리에 맥도널드, Jolibee, 세븐 일레븐, Robinson Fuente 푸드코트 등이 있으며, 연결된 Crown Regency 호텔구역에도 다수의 식당이 있습니다.
    ▶걸어서 7분거리에 세부최대의 망고스퀘어 도로가 있어 24시간 즐길거리가 가득합니다.
  • Traffic Information

  • 매니저 Ruffa씨나, 일층 인포메이션 데스크 외부 오피스의 Lisa씨가 가까운 거리에 상시 대기하고있으므로, 숙박에 대한 문의는 물론, 세부 가족 즐길거리나 호핑/ 대형차량 임대 등 다양한 문의에 대응 할 것입니다.

    • When the [translate] is a translation.
      ▶공항에서 택시는 Grab Car 픽업포인트( 24시간 영업) 찾아 이용하시거나, 스마트폰 Grab App으로 택시 호출을 추천합니다.

      밤시간이라면 300peso 전후(약 6300원)로 Crown Regency Hotel&Tower까지 도착합니다. 

      ▶하우스는 2층형 콘도 전체(88m²)를 사용합니다. 

      ▶하우스는 금연입니다만, Vape전자담배 / iQos,릴 등궐렬형담배, 증기형담배인 경우, 부엌의 팬을 틀어 놓고 피워도 됩니다. 

      ▶3인 이상 예약하시면 1층 혹은 2층에 추가 매트리스를 준비 해 드려 많은 인원 숙박(최대 8명)이 가능합니다.  .

      ▶12시~3시사이 하우스 청소 및 Towel등의 교체가 가능합니다. 청소 비용은 회당 500peso입니다.

      ▶ 1층 (인포메이션데스크 룸 문 밖)외부오피스에서 12인승 밴 차량 이용, 호핑 및 세부 투어 등의 서비스를 제공합니다. Ruffa씨와 상담바랍니다. .. 

      ▶하우스 출장 전용 마사지 서비스를 제공합니다. 오일마사지 60분:400PHP, 90분:600PHP, 손톱/발톱 페티큐어서비스는 1인당 200PHP 입니다.

    Billing Information

    • * General Payment : Bank cash deposit, credit card payment, Alipay, Wechat Pay, Paypal
    • * Reservation payment : You pay only a portion of the total fee and the rest will be paid directly to the local service host. (Home massage reservation, rental car rental, enjoy cebu program, etc.)

    • 1. General Payment> Confirmation
    • A Instant booking items 「purchase general merchandise」, 「house rental, purchase house option」 that can be booked immediately are confirmed upon payment.
    • 1-1. Confirmation message will be sent by e-mail or mobile phone message.
    • 1-2. All transactions can be checked on Mypage.

    • 2. Reservation Payment> 「Deposit Payment」 and 「Local Payment」
    • 2-1.「Deposit Payment」 is an advance deposit of the service you wish to order, and charges a part of the total service fee.
    • 2-1-1. The payment amount is divided into 「Deposit Payment」 and 「Local Payment」.
    • A Local currency payment will be displayed by e-mail or mobile phone message when the reservation is confirmed.
    • 2-1-2. All transactions are also available on Mypage.
    • 2-1-3. We can solve problems through this 「Deposit Payment」 such as claims or no-show problems.

    • 3. Reservation> Confirmation
    • 3-1. Services requiring preparation period or limited number of people will be confirmed about 3-4 days after confirming 「Deposit Payment」.
    • 3-2. All confirmations will be sent to your registered e-mail or mobile phone.
    • 3-3. If you are running out of time or are in a hurry, please leave a comment when ordering.

    • 4. About a payment method
    • 4-1. We prepare various payment method with ①bank(Philippines・Korea・Japan account) cash deposit, ②credit card, ③Alipay, ④Wechat Pay, ⑤PayPal, ⑥Gcash・⑦ transfer.
    • 4-2. PayPal Card Payment is also available for non-members.


    • 1. 100% refund of payment
    • -100% refund before the service is confirmed, or before the product is shipped.
    • -100% refund if there is obvious fault in our system or local host's fault
    • -100% refund if the host is no-show
    • -100% refund when house rental booking is canceled 7 days before of check-in date

    • 2. 50% refund of regular house rental and house option payments
    • -7 days before the check-in of the house rental-cancellation before check-in
    • -Abandoned remaining period after house check-in : 50% refund of remaining stay days (Cancellations after 12pm of local time will be counted as one day)
    • -After checking in the house and using it, renunciation of the remaining period: 50% refund of the remaining stay (cancellation after 12pm on the local time is counted as 1 day)


  • Please leave a comment for service inquiries. We will answer sequentially. If you think our store is inappropriate, you can delete it. Please understand.
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